Friday, September 2, 2016

More Vector Art! Hand Drawn Anemone Flowers

Happy Friday everyone! As you might have seen on my previous post, I've just started a shop on Creative Market and I just finished my second product to sell. Since I'm an invitation designer I really want to focus on artwork that other designers or even DIY crafters might want to use for their designs. It's perfect for the Do-it-yourself Bride for creating wedding invitations or related stationery. I know eventually I want to add watercolor elements but for now I'm in a pen sketching mood. By the way I'm using Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens (S and XS). I drew out 10 different styled Anemone Flowers and several different leaves to mix around.  Once I drew my artwork I scanned them at a high resolution and converted to vector art in Adobe Illustrator, cleaning up the designs and adding colors. My goal is to create at least 1 new product a week to add to Creative Market so check back to see new designs I'll be adding. Ultimately I would love to start designing fonts - that's a challenge for myself!  So we shall see ;)

Hope you like this new set of designs! Here is a link to the set: Hand Drawn Anemone Flowers
If you like the font used in my layout photos below you can buy that on Creative Market as well. It's not my creation but a fabulous font called Amulhed

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