Thursday, January 12, 2017

Paint your own desgin with Phtoshop Brushes

I'll be honest I never really looked into buying Photoshop Brushes before mainly because I use Adobe Illustrator 95% time. This past year I've been designing more in Photoshop and even bought some new brushes for the program. THEN I realized I could make my own brushes! What?! I can do that? Ever since I joined Creative Market I've been working hard on creating original artwork to sell on the site. It's been challenging but rewarding right out of the gate. Challenging because I would love to spend 100% of my time building my Creative Market shop but I have other jobs to get done as well. If you don't know this already I have a shop on Zazzle too and I have customers that email me daily for design requests so my day to day routine never ends up how I plan it out in the morning. But like I said I'm happy to see sales already coming in on Creative Market so my time spent on designing is coming back to me and I really hope that the customers who have bought my artwork are happy with it. Hey if you are one of  them please tag me on Instagram and show me what you have designed with it! I'd love to see it. My Insta is @paula.pecevich 

Anyway I think I got off track with my new post! So the past few weeks I've been painting and painting and painting. When I went to MassARt I almost majored in illustration but decided Graphic Design. I'm more of realistic illustrator (Instagram page for my Illustrations) so sometimes drawing or painting with a whimsy lose feel can be hard for me because I always want draw or paint in realism. So working with watercolors have been great to get me to loosen up. This new Watercolor Photoshop Brush Set has some (actually 159 in total) of the watercolors I picked from the many I did. I know with these PS Brushes you will be able to have a realistic watercolor look yet showing a creative movement of the paint. I hope to keep building to this set of brushes.

Hope you like them and if you do purchase them on Creative Market be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see your masterpiece. Also I love critiques so if you have constructive criticism I'd love to hear it as well.

To purchase and download for instant use click here!

The Process! 

Creative Market Floral Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

 Here are just a few of the Brushes and Sizes
Creative Market Adobe Photoshop Brushes and Sizes

Floral Arrangements using the Photoshop Brushes
(By the way these are included in the sale.)
Wedding Flowers Watercolor art for Invitations

Purple Watercolor Flowers Wedding Invitation using Photoshop Brushes

Pink Watercolor Flowers for Wedding Guest Seating Chart using Photoshop Brushes

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