Thursday, January 12, 2017

Paint your own desgin with Phtoshop Brushes

I'll be honest I never really looked into buying Photoshop Brushes before mainly because I use Adobe Illustrator 95% time. This past year I've been designing more in Photoshop and even bought some new brushes for the program. THEN I realized I could make my own brushes! What?! I can do that? Ever since I joined Creative Market I've been working hard on creating original artwork to sell on the site. It's been challenging but rewarding right out of the gate. Challenging because I would love to spend 100% of my time building my Creative Market shop but I have other jobs to get done as well. If you don't know this already I have a shop on Zazzle too and I have customers that email me daily for design requests so my day to day routine never ends up how I plan it out in the morning. But like I said I'm happy to see sales already coming in on Creative Market so my time spent on designing is coming back to me and I really hope that the customers who have bought my artwork are happy with it. Hey if you are one of  them please tag me on Instagram and show me what you have designed with it! I'd love to see it. My Insta is @paula.pecevich 

Anyway I think I got off track with my new post! So the past few weeks I've been painting and painting and painting. When I went to MassARt I almost majored in illustration but decided Graphic Design. I'm more of realistic illustrator (Instagram page for my Illustrations) so sometimes drawing or painting with a whimsy lose feel can be hard for me because I always want draw or paint in realism. So working with watercolors have been great to get me to loosen up. This new Watercolor Photoshop Brush Set has some (actually 159 in total) of the watercolors I picked from the many I did. I know with these PS Brushes you will be able to have a realistic watercolor look yet showing a creative movement of the paint. I hope to keep building to this set of brushes.

Hope you like them and if you do purchase them on Creative Market be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see your masterpiece. Also I love critiques so if you have constructive criticism I'd love to hear it as well.

To purchase and download for instant use click here!

The Process! 

Creative Market Floral Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

 Here are just a few of the Brushes and Sizes
Creative Market Adobe Photoshop Brushes and Sizes

Floral Arrangements using the Photoshop Brushes
(By the way these are included in the sale.)
Wedding Flowers Watercolor art for Invitations

Purple Watercolor Flowers Wedding Invitation using Photoshop Brushes

Pink Watercolor Flowers for Wedding Guest Seating Chart using Photoshop Brushes

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My FIRST set of Adobe Photoshop Brushes

I've always wanted to create my own Photoshop Brushes but just never sat down and dedicated time to creating them.  In my last blog posted on December 5th about new Vector Art I created and now selling on Creative Market (Creative Market: Winter Foliage Vector Artwork) and thought this perfect for my first set of Photoshop Brushes! 98 Photoshop Brushes in .abr format are now for sale on Creative Market for only $8.00.

Have fun creating your own Holiday cards and invitations with Festive Winter Branches! These fun braches are also great for the Scrapbookers out there. Add a fun digital wood background, your favorite family photo and add colorful festive branches! The new craze is Digital Scrapbooking (or digi-scrapping) :)

To purchase ($8.00) and download CLICK HERE

Creative Market Winter Branches Photoshop Brushes

Monday, December 5, 2016

Creative Market: Winter Foliage Vector Artwork

So Creative Market is proving to me to be a great site to be a member of. I have to admit it takes some time for me to come create new original hand drawn artwork, scan them, convert them to vector art and files for Photoshop but it's seems to be well worth the time. My 3rd product I added to Creative Market is my "Winter Foliage".  There are 135 original hand drawn Winter Themed Foliage  ready for the do-it-yourself crafters to create their own design!

Maybe it's just timing but since I've added this product on November 16th I've had almost 200 views and 8 sales for this one product. I'm really not sure yet what is a good average is since I'm new to the site but I'm happy with what I've done in such a short time. It's motivating  me to continue create new original artwork and add more to my shop on CM.

So here is the one of my latest products. Download for only $10.00 and start creating!
(Files included: Created in Adobe Illustrator CS6 - Saved as CS5 - .EPS, .AI and .PDF)

Hope this information helps anyone considering joining

Click here to purchase and instant download WINTER FOLIAGE

Hand drawn vector art sold on Creative Market

Hand drawn vector art sold on Creative Market

Hand drawn vector art sold on Creative Market

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Olive Branch - Download and Print Wedding Collection

Back in August I created vector artwork of laurels and olive branches which was my first product added to my shop on Creative Market. It's been three months since my start in adding products and so far I'm pretty happy being an artist on this site. I just created a whole Wedding Collection using some artwork from my Olive Branch Vector Art to make it easier for the DIY Bride in case they didn't want to create layouts themselves.

In this collection you will find a Main Wedding Invitation, Information Card, RSVP card, Reception Menu Card, Guest Escort Seating Card, Reception Table Number Card and a Thank You Note Card template. If you have Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop you will be able to edit the files pretty easy. Fonts are not included with this download so you do need to purchase fonts or use fonts you currently have. There are so many websites that let you download fonts for free so it shouldn't be a problem to find your favorite font style to use.

Here is a quick look at the files (.AI, EPS, JPG, PSD) you will be getting on Creative Market for ONLY $22.00. To purchase and download click here OLIVE BRANCH WEDDING COLLECTION. There is a Standard License and an Extended License

Hope you like it! Check back for more Do-it-Yourself Printable Templates!

Creative Market Printable Olive Branch Wedding Invitation Templates
Olive Branch Wedding Collection

Creative Market Printable Olive Branch Wedding Invitation Templates
Wedding Day Extras!

Friday, September 2, 2016

More Vector Art! Hand Drawn Anemone Flowers

Happy Friday everyone! As you might have seen on my previous post, I've just started a shop on Creative Market and I just finished my second product to sell. Since I'm an invitation designer I really want to focus on artwork that other designers or even DIY crafters might want to use for their designs. It's perfect for the Do-it-yourself Bride for creating wedding invitations or related stationery. I know eventually I want to add watercolor elements but for now I'm in a pen sketching mood. By the way I'm using Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens (S and XS). I drew out 10 different styled Anemone Flowers and several different leaves to mix around.  Once I drew my artwork I scanned them at a high resolution and converted to vector art in Adobe Illustrator, cleaning up the designs and adding colors. My goal is to create at least 1 new product a week to add to Creative Market so check back to see new designs I'll be adding. Ultimately I would love to start designing fonts - that's a challenge for myself!  So we shall see ;)

Hope you like this new set of designs! Here is a link to the set: Hand Drawn Anemone Flowers
If you like the font used in my layout photos below you can buy that on Creative Market as well. It's not my creation but a fabulous font called Amulhed

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New on Creative Market!

Just about a year ago I started buying products from, which is a platform for digital designs, program filter & tools and so many amazing fonts created by a multitude of talented people from all over the world. I'm an Stationery Designer that has a shop on Zazzle and I love supporting other independent artists on sites like this. Some of the products I purchased were some awesome Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop as well as some "Mock Layouts" to use for presenting my invitations. This past January I opened my own shop within Creative Market but it wasn't until this past week that I got my act together to finally get my first product up for sale. I want to take my time (but never intended this long lol) to come up with something that Stationery Designers might want when creating their own invitations. I'll be hand drawing or painting all my artwork so it's original for the buyers and hopefully what is trending.

This will be only my second website that I'll be selling on and I'll be honest... I have high hopes for Creative Market. I know it will be a lot of work between designing, setting up the files, posting, promoting but if I want to stay an independent creative I have to put the time in.

It did take me some time getting my first product up for sale. I started drawings about a week or so ago, mainly thinking to have some new artwork for my own invitations to sell in my store on Zazzle. Well after I started working on them I thought this could be my first product for sale on Creative Market. Below is the hand drawn I was sketching of Laurel Leaves or Olive Branches. Use your imagination because they could also be Holly and Berries or you can mask them with a watercolor fill so they look painted. So many options.

So today is August 23rd and I have 14 views already. I have to say though I do believe the only reason I got the views was because I posted on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I did get one "Like" and not sure how they found me. Did they do a search on the site or did they see it on my Instagram account? Either way I'm happy I with the number for now especially since I didn't really  know really what to expect right out of the gate.  I'll post back when I get my first sale! Hopefully sooner than later ;)

DIY Download Laurel Leaves Vector Art on Creative Market

Just one idea using the artwork but BE CREATIVE!! They are VECTOR files saved in Adobe Illustrator CS6 (.eps, .ai, & .pdf) so you can easily change the colors, create laurel borders - honestly so much you can do with them.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rustic Barn Weddings are still the Craze this Wedding Season

If I had to pick one wedding theme to continue into the next season it would definitely be the rustic barn theme. Maybe this Boston girl is just country at heart but there is just a timeless charm with this styled wedding. There are so many great ideas for your reception decor and endless invitation designs to pick from whether it's more country floral or rustic wood. So today I'm going to share with you some wedding decor by Country Barn Babe as well as a few Country themed wedding invitations both found on Zazzle.

But first just a few Questions and Answers that Zazzle asked Country Barn Babe:

How did Country Barn Babe come into being?
My husband proposed on Thanksgiving morning in 2011 out on a trail ride with our horses. He put up a huge banner out in the middle of the trail and of course we all know what it said. He got off his horse and down on one knee and of course I SAID YES!! I had one entire year to plan my wedding, but I wanted it to be unique and different, something that would WOW our guests. I didn't want the average "Modern Day Wedding." As I started looking and planning, I was having a hard time finding exactly what I was looking for so with one item at a time I started making everything from scratch. Frustrating at times, but I found something, besides animals, that I was truly passionate about. And here we are today.

What makes Country Barn Babe different?
What sets us apart from everyone is the quality we provide! Everything is handcrafted, and made to order. Plus it’s all made in America. We also strive for fast turn around and THE BEST customer service! Most messages will be responded to within the hour!

Tell us a fun or interesting story about your business.
Last year, Country Barn Babe received a call from the NFL Players Association requesting 6 customized wooden chests to be made for the 2015 Hall of Fame inductees which included Junior Seau, Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, Charles Haley, Will Shields, and Mick Tingelhoff. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that received Country Barn Babe’s greatest care and devotion to make sure they had not one imperfection. This job hit especially close to home for me, being from San Diego and a diehard Chargers fan, and one of the Hall of Fame inductees was the late Junior Seau. Each person here knew what a privilege it was to have a hand in honoring a few of the greatest athletes in the league. It’s a story that will continue to be told!

Rustic Wooden Wedding Guest Book

 Rustic Wedding Guest Book Pen Holder

Personalized Wedding Card Box with Burlap Banner