Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New on Creative Market!

Just about a year ago I started buying products from CreativeMarket.com, which is a platform for digital designs, program filter & tools and so many amazing fonts created by a multitude of talented people from all over the world. I'm an Stationery Designer that has a shop on Zazzle and I love supporting other independent artists on sites like this. Some of the products I purchased were some awesome Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop as well as some "Mock Layouts" to use for presenting my invitations. This past January I opened my own shop within Creative Market but it wasn't until this past week that I got my act together to finally get my first product up for sale. I want to take my time (but never intended this long lol) to come up with something that Stationery Designers might want when creating their own invitations. I'll be hand drawing or painting all my artwork so it's original for the buyers and hopefully what is trending.

This will be only my second website that I'll be selling on and I'll be honest... I have high hopes for Creative Market. I know it will be a lot of work between designing, setting up the files, posting, promoting but if I want to stay an independent creative I have to put the time in.

It did take me some time getting my first product up for sale. I started drawings about a week or so ago, mainly thinking to have some new artwork for my own invitations to sell in my store on Zazzle. Well after I started working on them I thought this could be my first product for sale on Creative Market. Below is the hand drawn I was sketching of Laurel Leaves or Olive Branches. Use your imagination because they could also be Holly and Berries or you can mask them with a watercolor fill so they look painted. So many options.

So today is August 23rd and I have 14 views already. I have to say though I do believe the only reason I got the views was because I posted on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I did get one "Like" and not sure how they found me. Did they do a search on the site or did they see it on my Instagram account? Either way I'm happy I with the number for now especially since I didn't really  know really what to expect right out of the gate.  I'll post back when I get my first sale! Hopefully sooner than later ;)

DIY Download Laurel Leaves Vector Art on Creative Market

Just one idea using the artwork but BE CREATIVE!! They are VECTOR files saved in Adobe Illustrator CS6 (.eps, .ai, & .pdf) so you can easily change the colors, create laurel borders - honestly so much you can do with them.

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